Your Safety Is Our Priority

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers and their families. The Propane Specialists at M&M Service Company regularly monitor the performance of the propane systems we serve and make any necessary adjustments to ensure they are safe and efficient. In keeping with our commitment to ongoing training, certification, and testing, all FS Propane Specialists are certified through the National Propane Gas Association’s Certified Employee Training Program (CETP).

In addition, our scheduled delivery program ensures you always have the fuel you need by utilizing a state-of-the-art computer model that determines propane consumption in your home and accurately accounts for temperature changes, sending a message to our pro​​pane personnel that your tank needs to be filled well ahead of it running out of gas. However, in the unlikely event your tank does run empty due to unforeseen increases in usage, your FS Propane Specialist will be there to assist you in getting your service up and running again quickly and safely. At FS, our propane programs are designed to make certain you are supplied with propane, your propane system is safe, and your family’s comfort is maintained. ​​


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​Budget Billing Program

  • ​​Same payment every month
  • Payments are an average of usage over the last 3 y​ears
  • Contract lock​s in a price that won't go up when it gets colder
  • Program runs from June to May

Prepay Program​

  • ​One time payment for the contract
  • ​Payments are an average of usage over the last few years
  • Contract locks in a gallon amount for the winter months 
  • Program​ runs from October to March