Certified Turf Specialist​

There is an industry benchmark for professionalism you can count on – a way to separate a mere vendor from a valued business partner, and a salesperson from a true resource.

This mark of excellence is called the Certified Turf Specialist, or CTS designation, and it is a trademark of true professionalism. The standards developed to achieve the designation of CTS were exclusively created for turf and landscape supply marketers in the FS System of Agronomy Supply.

All CTS testing guidelines and procedures are accredited by respected turf experts, recognized throughout the industry for their extensive knowledge of turf biology and agronomics.

Approved by Tom Voigt and Roscoe Randall of the University of Illinois, CTS testing is offered exclusively through and created for the FS Agronomy System, a leading agriculture supply organization for over 75 years.

Earning the Certified Turf Specialist designation begins with extensive education and training. All CTS’s must learn and demonstrate comprehensive biological and agronomic understanding of turf varieties, its maintenance needs, and all aspects of turf performance.

To maintain professional certification, individuals earning their initial CTS are required to complete scheduled retests and attend annual industry training and seminars on the latest turf and landscape products and maintenance methods. Your CTS regularly attends numerous seed demonstration tours, product and equipment shows, and technique workshops to remain up-to-date on the latest technology, methodology and equipment.

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 Turf Specialist