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Bringing Warmth and Comfort to Your Home

In more than 48 million U.S. households, families are enjoying the comfort, convenience, and efficiency of propane energy. The reasons for propane’s popularity are simple:  Propane  energy is a clean energy source, reduces energy costs, and safely promotes a modern lifestyle.

Below are our heating season program options. If you would like more information, please email [email protected] or call 618-585-4484.

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Full Prepayment Option

Full Prepayment Option allows customers to pay for all of their heating season's estimated propane usuage up front at the best price. As the tank is filled, each load is billed against the prepayment credit. Any gallons used over the original contracted amount during the contract period will be priced at the current rate.

Budget Billing Program

Budget Billing Program comes with a locked in price and reduces seasonal surprises by spreading annual propane expenses throughout the year with monthly payments (June - April, settle up in May). Annual propane usage is estimated by factoring in size and energy efficiency in the home, number and kind of appliances that use propane, and previous years' usage and divided into equal monthly payments. If usage is different than expected, the balance is billed, credited towards the next year, or refunded as appropriate. This convenient program helps you manage your heating budget. Automatic withdrawal available!

Summer Fill Program

Any of the above payment programs can be combined with our summer fill program to take advantage to typically low summer propane prices. Through one of the prepayment options or your budget billing program, price can be set for the year. And you'll be prepared for the winter months with a full tank of propane.

Propane covers all your home needs. From in-home heating and powering appliances, to outdoor living spaces and generators, propane covers all your home conveniences. Propane allows you to customize your home to fit your needs.
Whether you choose to prepay, pay per-gallon, use our summer fill program, or our budget payment program, we can customize a program to fit your needs (financing options offered). All of our options ensure your home is energy-ready inside and out, with competitive pricing plans to fit your lifestyle.
Installation, leak checks, pressure checks, tank and equipment maintenance, and scheduled deliveries are just an overview of the FS Propane service offerings. 24/7 Emergency Service: a number you can call anytime to report a propane emergency.

Peace of Mind 


 All FS Propane Specialists are certified through the  National Propane Gas Association's Certified Employee Training Program (CETP). Your local FS  Propane Specialist will be there from start to finish to serve all your energy needs. 


Whole-house power at the ready. No mater what is going on outside, you should always enjoy warmth and convenience inside your home. 


Propane offers lower up front costs and fewer carbon dioxide emissions compared to geothermal. Not to mention the high installation costs of geothermal (as much as $20,000), or higher electricity costs to drive heat pumps. 


Switching to FS Propane has never been easier. Customize your  payment program, gain expert service, and enjoy the reliability of  propane. 

 Not sure it makes sense? Calculate your savings here. 



Contact your FS Propane Specialist

Contact your FS Propane Specialist for your home heat needs. 

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We have revised our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Please read both of these documents as the changes affect your legal rights. By continuing you agree to these updates.